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Risky Tracking – Data on Firestick & Android

This article explains how dangerous logs and traces are.

Tracking data stored by third-party applications on your FireTV or Android device may contain sensitive data such as your real IP’s, App Usage data (Including which app and how long it was used! Maybe even what content was used in the app. (We do not have evidence of this yet)

These logs and traces can even be transmitted to the Internet even if your VPN is securely connected.

As an illustration a small case study:

Imagine your VPN is not active, crashed or not yet connected (Short period after device reboot). 

If a third-party application stores sensitive data on the system during this period it can later be transmitted to the Internet, even if you are connected to a secure VPN!

This could reveal your IP address without you noticing!

We will use our best efforts to consistently detect existing and new tracking data and delete them using the “Wipe Traces” and “Spyware Protection” features. 

To guarantee maximum privacy.

The “Wipe Traces” and “Spyware Protection” features are available in VPNSafetyDot Premium.

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